3C by 2FIK{0}

October 31 – November 28 – EXHIBITION – In his third exhibition at The Invisible Dog, 2Fik reenacts random situations in our daily life in three locations, Quebec, France and Morocco. Displayed side by side as diptychs or triptychs, these photographed moments raise questions about the non-verbal communications that define each and every culture.

2Fik is taking a new spin in his art practice by moving his characters aside to act solo in his new series: no more characters but the zentaï as a black canvas, which can be everybody and anybody…

2Fik’s work deals with identity, gender and prejudice with a playful, yet powerful approach. Defining himself as a Stateless person, his concept of ‘self’ is informed by the multiple identities into which he has had to evolve in order to survive in various cultures. This fracturedness leaves him with the sense that he is “lost in translation.” Thus,  self-questioning and self-determination are at the center of his work.

He first explored these topics by diving into the intimacy of his characters (“2Fik Or Not 2Fik” Series) through their daily life, habits and awkward situations. In his second series titled “2Fik’s Museum”, he questioned the sacralization of the fine arts by positioning his eleven characters into famous paintings, making them contemporary and therefore less formal. His third series, the first without these familiar characters, marks his exploration into uncharted territory. He has only himself, represented as a faceless and emotionless dark silhouette.


Opening Reception Saturday October 31 from 6 to 10pm
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