FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1 / 7.30PM / PERFORMANCE / QUEER NYC FESTIVAL / The artist presents her body as an object in the space, playing with most stereotypical images  of a female body. The body is exhibited in a sterile environment, it is isolated in the space   and framed by the white walls. The artist is dressed in a latex costume which reduces the   body distinctions into amorphousness and depersonalization. However, two openings on the latex costume are teh cornerstones of the imagination the artist offers to the audience. The performance points to moments in life that are dominated by pain, fear, and sometimes   too much communication. Reducing everything to two openings, two plows, two vents, the viewer is given the chance to phantasise and perhaps abuse the body presented in a   sterile, medical type of setting. Physicality is all that the artist proposes with her body, but   psychology of the audience is where she aims.

Bojana Radulović, a visual artist and audiovisual producer, graduated from the Faculty of Visual Arts in Podgorica with a degree in audiovisual production. She participated in many group and solo multimedia exhibitions. Bojana works with video and film which have been   shown at festivals internationally.

Performance at 7.30pm
Suggested donation at the door $10