MARCH 8 – APRIL 12 – EXHIBITION – Heather Weston is a photographer living in New York City. The idea for AT HOME came together out of living in a 450 square foot apartment with her family in Brooklyn.  She became intrigued by how other people were doing it. How were they living in their apartments, brownstones, houses? How were they using their space?

Weston quickly began to formulate the idea of visiting people. Acquaintances, close friends, family members and creating a photographic portrait essay with people she knows living together as a family.  Her plan was to visit one family every week for the whole year! 52 weeks equals 52 families. She completed the task and recorded the results along the way on her blog.

The images from AT HOME were all taken in 2011. AT HOME is about connecting people and exploring the spaces in which we all live.
Presented in The Glass House

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