JULY 5-13 / THEATER/ BARBAROUS NIGHTS by SAM CREELY /  Barbarous Nights: a drama in four shades and a prologue, grapefruit tumbleweed, and the great green moon; written and directed by Sam Creely, after the love letters of Lorca and Dalí.

Buster Keaton falls out of his film and into a poetic world, a 1930s both future and past.  Grapefruit roll through the sand like tumbleweed.  The streets are filled with optical shops.  There, a rush of travelers — a blind maiden struggling with the length of her dress, her nigh Victorian mother, a ridiculously attractive man peddling feathers — float through Buster’s nights like a dream as his sanity and the stoic stone face that made him famous start to crumble.

Choreography:  KatieRose McLaughlin
Set and Lighting:  Josh Smith
Video and Lighting:  Bart Cortright
Costumes:  Megan Spatz
Music and Sound:  Anthony Mattana
Masks and Music:  Adrian Blake Enscoe
Dramaturgy:  Corinna Archer
AD and Dramaturgy:  Miranda Steege
Producer:  Anne Troup
Stage Manager:  Hannah Johnson-Walsh
Production Manager:  Cody Westgaard
Featuring:  Nick Lehane, Sallie Eskins, Adrian Blake Enscoe, Dan Vidor, Lucia Roderique, Christian DeMarais

July 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 @ 7:30PM
July 7 also @ 2:00PM
$18 general admission

for tickets, please visit:
or write to:  screely[at]