MONDAY JUNE 8, 2.30 to 7PM – International Colloquium – What does it mean to be visible? Answers to this question depend on cultures, eras, disciplines, and the agendas of those who speak. The visible: is it what can be seen, or rather what is seen? Artists, writers, poets, philosophers, and scientists have different vocabularies for visibility. Impassable borders often separate these fields with walls marking epistemological, ethical, cultural, and ideological divides.

To understand these issues, we must first consider the boundaries that reveal visibility and visible things. Of course, there are boundaries between different discourses of visibility. But what is beyond the border limits of the visible? Since existence is not limited to the visible, is visibility only a mere surface of the superficial? Then why does visibility have such a privileged status? The root theo in theory means to see: is knowing seeing? Is knowing seeing-something?

It is therefore necessary to investigate the boundaries of the visible. This is a philosophical problem as such, but also a scientific and epistemological problem. Today we have urgent contemporary questions: visibility in the era of the Internet, supra-visibility in the era of surveillance cameras and drones, the contemporary myth of immediacy in social media. Is invisibility on the other side of these boundaries?

Organizers Jean-Christian Bourcart, Anne-Lise Large & François Soulages

Moderator Jean-Christian Bourcart

14 h 30 : Susan Oyama, Professor Emeritus, John Jay College & the Graduate Center, CUNY, New York : The world looks back

15 h 15 : Vibeke Jensen, Artist, New York : [In]visibility conundrum

15 h 45 : Avi Gupta, Director of Photography for US News/World report & Photographer, Washington DC : In one’s element

16 h 15 : Coffee

Moderator Anne-Lise Large

16 h 30 : Jean-Christian Bourcart, Artist Photographer, New York : Seeing with one own’s eyes

17 h : Maria Burns, Filmmaker, New York : Onus

17 h 30 : Marie-Lise Paoli, Professor at Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France : Surviving Images in a North American Landscape

18 h : End

Free Admission