extended until APRIL 24

Since January Julien Gardair has delved into the Invisible Dog’s history, building and vestiges, searching for visual experiences and artifacts. From his exploration of the converted belt factory, the artist will create a site-specific video installation on view in March in the basement. Redrawn by light and shadows through the artist’s intervention, it will become a theater for new stories to be told. With a video projector as the sole source of light, the space will grow into a playground in which photographs, drawings, videos and animations will be displayed. The surrounding visual environment will span from floor to ceiling, immersing the viewer in the experience.

Camera Locus 2 is the second opus of a series initiated last summer at la Graineterie (France). Invited by Sophie Brossais (Supervision), he began to fully explore the relationship between space and moving images.

from march 5 to april 24
Invisible Dog’s basement