DECROCHER LA LUNE – A PROJECT by ANNE MOURIER & NATHALIE RODACH – The Moon is a metaphor for the feminine within us, channel of the mystical, of dreams and of belief systems, she is, with the Sun, a vehicle of human mythology. Invisible, her influence informs our lives. Artists Anne Mourier and Nathalie Rodach agreed to embark upon a project spanning a full lunar cycle in order to question feminine archetypes and notions of alterity. During those 29 days, they will create works of art out of their vision. They have invited Sheba Remy Kharbanda, filmmaker and metaphysician, to join them on this journey. The project commenced September 24th 2014 at 2:13 am upon the new Moon and will be presented at the Invisible Dog Art Center on October 22nd 2014 from 5:31pm to 9:37pm, before the commencement of the next cycle. Anne, Nathalie and Remy invite you to follow their steps. From one Moon to the other listen to your emotions and let your intuition carry you away. Come to witness the result of the artist’s research and enrich them by sharing yours.


Commencement of the project: Wednesday Sept 24th at 2:13am

Presentation:  Wednesday October 22nd at 5:31pm to 9.37pm
Open to the public. Free Admission