Closing Party
Wednesday November 24th
7 to 11pm

Richard Garet creates a new immersive visual sonic experience with his installation Electrochroma (2010), premiering with  at The Invisible Dog Art Center in partnership with Crossing The Line FIAF Festival.

Featured artist Richard Garet, in addition to his exhibition, has curated a series of four Wednesday nights Live Performances. For the last performance on Wednesday November 24th at 7.30pm, Kamran Sadeghi, Bonnie Jones & Richard Garet himself will perform. Free admission

Electrochroma is an audiovisual kinetic work that emerged from the manipulation of light, image, sound, and translations of image to sound.  [watch one minute excerpt] This work was created in a digital environment utilizing various analog and digital techniques and a variety of software processes to maneuver audio and moving image. The work’s imagery ranges from dark to light monochromatic spheres, shifting tonality and intensity from mild to high saturation, including flickering and pulsating patterns, RGB phenomena, afterimage, retinal impact, and sensory overloads. The sound composition was arranged for 5.1-surround audio and is comprised of a molded experimentation resulting in tones, overtones, profound bass echoing, modulated frequencies, textures, static noises, and electronic sounds moving through space. The 58’30” audiovisual work will play on the hour throughout the day in a dedicated room built specifically for the piece, and with a mist of fog conditioning the environment for further immersion and experience.

This work began with Richard Garet making a handmade 16mm film with the intention of shaping light directly and emphasizing the light emanating from the film projector as concrete material. Various takes of the footage were digitalized and a system was established where these images could be played and processed in real time from a computer. Garet executed a system where the projected light could be rendered as audio and integrated as an additional layer into the sonic mix. Additionally, some of the sounds produced by the visual images were then reprocessed and integrated again into the mix. Other sonic layers were created through the use of electromagnetism, modulated electronic sounds, and voices scored for the work and performed by Marylea Martha Quintana Madiman.

The project continues the artist’s interest in the phenomena found and produced in time-based media, and human beings’ relationship with both artificial and natural environments. His audiovisual exploratory steps are focused on concept and function, material and process, listening, viewing, and experience. Richard Garet states, “When creating a piece I reflect on what the work is meant to accomplish, how it functions in relationship to the space, its effect on the audience, and how sound and visual content are connected to one another. These questions determine my choices and influence the direction of the work.”

Garet’s work interweaves multiple media including live performances, moving image, sound, and photography, exemplifying the core of Crossing the Line. He is the youngest of the three world-renowned, multi-generational, visual and sound artists invited to premiere sound-based works for the festival, alongside Ryoji Ikeda and Eliane Radigue.

This exhibition is co-presented by The Invisible Dog Art Center and  Crossing The Line






Exhibition until Wednesday November 24th
Thursday to Saturday 1 to 7pm
Sunday 1 to 5pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: by appointment only
Monday: closed