OCTOBER 7 – NOVEMBER 4 – EXHIBITION – Anne Mourier’s second solo exhibition at the Invisible Dog Art Center, Elevation, invokes the forces of the feminine reemerging in today’s society.  A pensive procession of pails of water leads from the entrance into the reaches of the gallery.  Three monumental wooden altars display both utilitarian cleaning supplies and sculptural reliquaries of them.  Floating overhead, the ethereal image of a figure in peaceful surrender is fragmented across three delicate silk panels.  In a continued exploration of site-specific installations, Elevation relies primarily on the gallery’s natural light to transform the space into one of self-reflection as it conjures a conversation about the spiritual and symbolic implications of acts of cleaning.

Anne Mourier is a French-born, Brooklyn-based artist. She had her first solo show in 2013 at the Glass House @ The Invisible Dog Art Center, which she designed to host her work.  In 2015 she exhibited at the CAOS Gallery in Venice, Italy, during the Biennale, and the following year showed large installations in France, as well as an exhibition at the Musée Yvonne Guegan in Normandy.  This October she is returning to The Invisible Dog with her largest installation yet, Elevation.  Her book Maries, a monograph of her work of the past ten years, its origins, and the process it derived from, which she published in June 2017, will be presented during Elevation this fall.


Opening reception:
Saturday October 7th, 6-10PM

During opening we will serve a delicious cake from Mamie Brougitte’s bakery, which makes artistic cakes for special occasions. We will have buttermilk and almond cake, soaked in Amarreto, filled with stewed sour cherries and coated with Yogurt frosting. First come, first serve.

On view:
October 7 – November 4
Thursday to Saturday from 1 to 7PM
Sunday from 1 to 5PM
Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment only
Closed on Monday