FEBRUARY 20 & 21 – 7.30PM – In the year 2125, Emily Climbs addresses an audience.  A woman who exists in three separate bodies, due to a life-extension procedure gone wrong, she tells the story of her former companion, Kathleen Jackson, the American dictator whom history holds responsible for ending America’s reign as a world superpower. All Emily can offer the world is her memories. A sci-fi horror story performed by the acclaimed theater company, Nellie Tinder, (creator of Evelyn and For Artists Only) in collaboration with Obie-award winning composer Heather Christian (of The TEAM & Ripe Time), Emily Climbs (Machine Méchant) examines the Buddhist concept of no-self, the body as a prison, and a cost-benefit analysis of a life lived too long.

A Nellie Tinder Work-In-Progress
Written by Julia May Jonas
Directed by Jess Barbagallo & Julia May Jonas
Assistant Directed by Marisa Lark Wallin
Performed by Hannah Heller, Kate Schroeder, Caitlin McDonough-Thayer & Marisa Lark Wallin
Songs by Heather Christian
Costumes by Wendy Yang Bailey
Produced by Lingua Franca Arts/Sandra Garner

Emily Climbs (Machine Méchant) is an inexact imagining of a future looking back on a past which is still in the future. Through a collection of performed materials: part of a one-woman show, journal entries, interview footage and found documents, we examine the person-hood of Emily Climbs; a failed science-experiment, a devoted companion, a benign provocateur, a socialized woman struggling with the burden of individualism and the American Dream. Now That’s Entertainment!

$10 suggested donation at the door