JULY 9 & 10, 30 & 31, AUGUST 13 & 14, 27 & 28 – 11AM – 6PM – f.a.d. is an acronym for fashion, art and design and we at f.a.d. weekend aim to create a curated collective space that brings together a pool of emerging and mid-career artists and designers from all backgrounds, representing the talent of the city and beyond, together with vintage, antique and collectibles.

The venue will be filled with paintings, photographs, illustrations, prints, men and women fashion, jewelry, accessories, glass, ceramics as well as furniture. f.a.d. weekend aims to represent diversity and a roster of rotating vendors.

f.a.d. weekend is a platform and opportunity for artists and designers to showcase their work and strengthen their careers. It is a place they can connect and reach a wider audience. f.a.d. weekend would like to offer an affordable and competitive rate to its artists and designers while promoting unique spaces and organizations.

f.a.d. weekend is free and open to the public. It is a place for social gathering that brings people from our community as well as visitors from other neighborhoods, boroughs and countries together. f.a.d. weekend is an advocate for the community, bringing art and culture to the neighborhood as well as promoting awareness and supporting organizations and businesses in the area.

Shining extra light to the already incredible Brooklyn.