Ian Trask is an emerging artist living in New York City. As a sculptor, he explores the inherent aesthetics of material waste.  His compositions present the disassembly of salvaged, once-functional objects, and their re-assembly into aesthetically motivated arrangements.  He argues that one of modern civilization’s greatest tragedies is the abundance of waste that results from an out-of-control, consumptive materialism in an industrially advanced global marketplace. By choosing trash as his medium he reduces the material demand he places on his own immediate environment while also suggesting to his viewers the importance of redefining how we look at our waste.

Ian Trask  was the first artist in residency at The Invisible Dog  (jan 2010 – feb 2011) , Two pieces of his are part of the permanent collection: The Fabric of Cosmos, on the ground floor above the elevator, and The Worm in the staircase.

Ian Trask was first exhibited  at The Invisible Dog in October 2009 during the second Recession Art show, No Money No Problem