The Invisible Dog blends the beauty of a vintage space with the convenience of a more modern one. Artists, community organizations, local schools, and other cultural organizations all think of the Invisible Dog as their space to create. Our beautiful 3rd floor loft or ground floor galleries could make a perfect location for your event as well.

When you rent at the Invisible Dog, 30% of your rent supports our ongoing artistic programs! That’s right, you’re directly supporting our artists-in-residence and commissioned exhibitions and performances.

The Invisible Dog embodies industrial chic: the original wood floors, high ceilings, large windows, and freight elevator remain. But we’ve also added some important updates including improved heating and cooling, two bathrooms on the ground floor and two on the third, sound-proof windows and air conditioning on the third floor. Modular walls are also available to create intimate settings and stagings. Our spaces are perfect for events of all types and sizes, from photo shoots to bar mitzvahs, from corporate meetings to weddings, from product launches to sample sales.

We rent by the day and we never double-book, so you can come in as early as you like, but we ask that your event end by 11PM.

We are conveniently located around the corner from the F/G at Bergen Street and just a short walk from the 4/5/2/3/R at Jay Street/Borough Hall and the A/C at Jay Street/Metrotech.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment to see the space, please send an email to rental[at]theinvisibledog[dot]org

* What types of spaces do you offer for events?

  • 3rd floor loft space: 4000 sq feet, 19 windows, industrial slop sink (perfect for caterers), 2 bathrooms, original floors, white and brick walls; when permissible, the ground floor galleries remain open during events on the third floor for your guests to explore and enjoy!
  • Main Gallery: 4000 sq feet, double height ceiling, storefront windows with view to street, original floors

It is possible to combine floors for larger events.

*How much does it cost? (This does not apply to children’s parties, see below.)
The 3rd Floor has greatest capacity and can be accessed via our freight elevator as well as a private staircase for total convenience. Certain times (ie, certain weekdays) allow some flexibility – so please ask!
We also offer discounts for rentals taking place over a period of days.
Supervision to assist with operating the elevator and cleaning as well as use of our equipment (see below) incurs additional fees

For a complete quote email us with date(s), duration, approximate number of people, and a brief description of your event.

*Hi The Invisible Dog…

  • Hi, I would like to have my wedding at the Invisible Dog? We are hoping to hold the event on Saturday in May. How much would that cost?
    * We need some more information, but typically weddings cost between $4500-5500 for the space rental.
  • Good morning, I need a space for a board meeting. There will be 25 people on a Wednesday evening, and including set-up and load-out, we’ll need the venue from 5 to 7.30pm. We will need a projector and the sound system. What is the rate?
    *We can rent you the third floor as well as the technical equipment for $800.
  • My daughter Rachel will have her bat mitzvah on an afternoon in October. We will have about 60 guests. It will be a catered luncheon, and we will have a DJ. What is the rate?
    *It should run $2500 for the space plus some nominal fees for clean up, elevator, etc.
  • Hi this is Nina from Risa Magazine and I am interested in renting your space for a 6 hour photo shoot on Monday from 8am to 5pm, We’ll be about 8 people total and will bring in our own equipment but require the use of two tables, 8 chairs, and we will be bringing in some high-powered lighting instruments. What do you charge?
    *Given the duration of the event and the need for power, between $1000 and $1500.
  • Hi Lucien, Diana said I should reach out to you. I’m a looking for a space to hold a product testing on a Tuesday afternoon from 1-5pm. I need about 25 chairs and expect as many people. No mics, no speakers, but will need a table. What could I rent for?
    *We can rent the ground floor for $500.
  • I run a non-profit organization, and I would like to rent your space for a week for a series of public presentations. What would that cost?
    *We need more information about technical requirements but the space itself should not cost more than $5000.

*Tell me more about events for children?
Like any good visible dog, we love children, and at countless openings, we’ve noticed the look of wonder and delight on the faces of young children as they discover works of art. Just as we want to foster the creativity of our artists-in-residence, we want to encourage engagement with the arts from childhood. And so, we invite you to have your child’s birthday party at The Invisible Dog.  We will work with you to design an interactive art project that your child and their party guests will enjoy working on with one of our artists-in-residence.  Additionally, you don’t have to worry about set-up or clean-up as our staff will be on hand.  You will only need to provide food, beverages and supervision.  The entire party, including the fee for the artist, is a flat rate of $500 – for up to 15 children for two hours. Parties are available for scheduling on Saturdays and Sundays before 5PM. Please try to schedule 2 weeks ahead of your event.
To schedule your child’s party, please contact Associate Director, Risa Shoup – risa AT theinvisibledog DOT org

* Do you have any equipment I might need available on site? [surcharge]

  • Sound System / PA + Microphone  and all necessary cables
  • Black Folding Chairs [50 chairs available…and if you need more, we can recommend an inexpensive vendor who can also supply you with tables and delivery/pickup]
  • 2 Projectors
  • 2 DVD players
  • 12 Channel Mixer

*What about security and insurance?
For each event, a supervisor will stay with you! We require a certificate of insurance (we can walk you through purchasing event insurance – just ask!). For certain events, we may require Licensed Security guards, and we can recommend an inexpensive vendor.

*What about other vendors, caterers, flowers, DJ…?
You are free to choose your favorite and have them work with you on site, but do not hesitate to ask for our advice, we will be happy to refer to our favorites.

*A few important notes:
The Invisible Dog wants to help you host the event of your dreams, but we also want our neighbors to enjoy their own homes unburdened by noise or commotion from the street. As stated above, we have added soundproof windows and AC, so that when it’s hot outside, you can still hear recorded sound inside without needing to open the windows and leak that sound, however beautiful, onto the street. Moreover, when you visit the space, you’ll see, er, hear, that the natural acoustics of the space allow you to keep the volume of your recorded music relatively low and still be heard. We welcome you to bring catering in for your event, and we’ll gladly suggest local vendors if you like, but we have no refrigeration or cooking appliances on site, so those will need to be brought in.

*Who has hosted events in the past?

You’re in good company!

  • Recession Art, One Story, Thai Alliance, Resource Magazine, Brooklyn Inventgenuity – Beam Camp, Slow Food NYC, Johannes Leonardo, Green City Force, A.P.C., Gowanus Development, Brooklyn Beta, PS29, PS261, PS58, and the Brooklyn Montessori School, Barneys, Brooklyn Magazine…  [NYC]
  • Celeste Foundation [Italy]
  • Walls and Bridges Villa Gillet, Le Figaro [France]
  • Art Work for Youth [South Africa]
  • EECI [Netherlands]
  • One Kings Lane [San Francisco]
  • Kansas City Art Institute [Kansas]
  • The Mountain School [Vermont]

… and .

*May I see photos?

Sure! Below are photos of the space empty and as it has been used for various events.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment to see the space, please send an email to rental[at]theinvisibledog[dot]org