OCTOBER 31 – DECEMBER 30 – EXHIBITION – The project “In Your House” in the glass house of The Invisible Dog Art Center, is first and foremost about occupying and transforming this site. A glass house lacks the opaque boundary a house usually provides. This one offers a look in, thus breaking the division between public and private, inside and outside. It is an exercise in transparency, just like the installation itself. Unlike in traditional sculpture, the space is not confined to the “exterior” of the sculpture, but continued “inside”.

We live in a time when scientists constantly make new discoveries and make hypotheses that put into question our understanding of space and time, its order and our place within it. Just like in a dream, one can be in the past and present, here and there at the same time. It makes the space-time continuum, as we’ve seemingly constructed it, collapse. It has gotten me to realize just how many of the concepts that define what we call reality are maybe just illusions.

The installation, made of spray painted aluminum mesh and LED lights, plays with the viewer’s perception of dimensions, reality, and spatial understanding.

– ”If everything is interconnected, there is no background and no foreground”. –Timothy Morton

Opening Reception Saturday October 31 from 6 to 10pm
Gallery hours: Thursday to Saturday, from 1 to 7pm, Sunday from 1 to 5pm
Tuesday & Wednesday by appointment only
Closed on Monday

Julie Tremblay was born in Québec City, Canada in 1972. She got her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Université Laval in Quebec in 1995. Later that year she moved to Brooklyn to to pursue her MFA at Pratt Institute, which she has received, with a mention of excellence in 1997. Apart from a 5-year hiatus during which she lived in Copenhagen, Denmark, she has been living and working in Brooklyn since then. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the US, Canada and Europe and Mexico. Julie uses industrial and/or re-purposed materials to make visually impactful sculptures, installations and performances that bridge nature, industry and technology, and explore the nature of representation as well as our place in the world/universe.

In 2012, named her as one of ”5 best up and coming NYC artists”. Other recent press include feature articles in Surface Magazine China, Creative Quarterly, Nu-Modé Magazine, just to name a few.

 In 2013, she was awarded a residency with the prestigious Parisian gallery ”Galerie RX”, where she spent the summer in their gigantic space in Ivry-sur-Seine, former scientific laboratory of the Frédéric Joliot-Curie, making a large site-specific installation.

Most recently, she has been working on 2 very large scale sculptural commissions: one that is hanging in the atrium lobby of a new movie theater in Marham, Ontario, Canada and the other will be the center piece of the 80000 square feet store of Canadian, fashion forward retailer La Maison Simons, in Gatineau, Quebec.