THURSDAY MAY 1 – 8PM – This concert from Look & Listen’s 2014 Festival will include the premiere of Dedifferentiation with Brass: Constructions by Chris McIntyre, played by TILT Brass, who also performs Homage to Perotin (In The Phrygian Mode) by James Tenney. Other features include Daedalus Quartet performing Joan Tower’s WHITE WATER (String Quartet No. 5), and a performance of the winning piece of the Look & Listen Composers Competition, Solos Collection by Antonio Macaretti, played by accordionist William Schimmel, cellist Thomas Kraines, violinist Min-Young Kim, and bassist Gregory Vartian-Foss. Evening hosted by Frank Oteri.

Doors at 730PM
Concert at 8PM
For tickets and information, please go to: www.lookandlisten.org