The Invisible Dog and Opalnest presents LOW TIDE CHORUS, a one-night performance event curated by Helen Homan Wu (Opalnest), featuring a group of seven visionaires – blending avant-garde performances, sound-visuals, electro-acoustics, disembodied musical instruments, a nomadic utopia – all coming together like a paradoxical chorus. “Low Tide Chorus” welcomes the present moment to reflect upon revelations. Opening the night’s ambiance is Brooklyn’s own Shamos, performing inimitable otherworldly sounds, and a tundra of kaleidoscopic projections by visual artist Michelle Hinebrook. Tonight, lighting conceptualist Eiji Sumi will charge up the underground with minimalistic organic forms, morphing along the music of Paris-based band Windy Hill Mill –sonic rhythms that will slow your heartbeat. Orchestrating as if out of an animal kingdom, Zemi17 (aka Aaron Taylor Kuffner) is a solo musician and composer of visceral multi-point sound environments. Audiences will also have the opportunity to plunge into multi-media artist Mary Mattingly’s “Nomadographies” and fall into the existential trance of Butoh dancer Vangeline (Vangeline Theater).  Our final performance is avant-turntablist Maria Chavez – culling from her collection of needles, dubbed “Pencils of Sound” – renowned for her distinctive approach to live sound installations. Ms. Chavez’s rare solo appearance will encourage audiences to experience through the run of tonight show.

Tickets: $12

Produced by Opalnest
Curated by Helen Homan Wu
photo: “Inflatable Home” 2008, by Mary Mattingly