The light of day; throw light on the subject; seen in this light; bring to light; see the light; the light of  life—we see the world through light, the figure for our perception. All visual artists are, to some extent, light artists: light is the condition and the medium for vision. In our modern world, light comes from both natural and technological sources—electric and florescent light bulbs, neon signs, the glow of digital devices—and our perceptions (of knowledge, truth, love, and death, among other things) have changed accordingly. Contemporary light artists walk a dual path, both summoning the ancient metaphors of light, and casting new light on the modern condition.

In 2011, The Invisible Dog ignites and alights. After a year of grassroots evolution, we’ll lift off in the new year, with a series of events around the theme of light. From December to February, French light artist Thierry Dreyfus will unveil a new piece in our main gallery; in March and April, sculptor Chris Klapper and electrical engineer Jen Lusker will bring us “Prana,” an interactive light and sculptural installation. In May and June, Invisible Dog luminaries, Steven and William Ladd, whose chandelier was the first work of art to bring light to our space, will curate the next incarnation of our Plus One curation series.

We hope you’ll join us for this illuminating new season.