At MATÉ_series number 3 Schafer will be performing a live processing of Arnold Schoenbergs’ Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21 work from 1912. By utilizing an oscillator, vocoder, Roland 303, mixer feedback, and an array of effects pedals, Schafer will sample and translate the original Schoenberg composition into a deployment of dissonance.

David Schafer is a visual and sound artist working in sculpture, sound, sound performance, and works on paper. His work is concerned with the intelligibility, translation, and structures, of language and architecture. Schafer has shown nationally and internationally and has received several public commissions. Most recently he has had one-person shows at Studio10 gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, and Glendale College Art Gallery, Glendale, CA. He has recently participated in LaLaLand at Edinburgh University Gallery, Edinburg, Scotland, and Radio Break, Organized by USC Roski School of Fine Art. Los Angeles, CA. In 2010, he permanently installed “Separated United Forms” at the Huntington Hospital, Pasadena, CA, and participated in the Whitney Biennial with “What Should a Museum Sound Like?”, a sound performance and sculpture. Schafer is currently a visiting assistant professor at University of CA at Riverside and University of Southern CA. and was recently a visiting critic for the Cornell Art and Architecture Program in NY. He has previously taught at SVA, Cooper Union, Rutgers, and Parsons in NY and Otis, Cal Arts, and Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. David Schafer performs under the moniker of DSE. This is also a platform for the production of and dissemination of electronic noise, processed recordings, live signal manipulation, no-input feedback, and voice. This includes live sound performances, collaborations, programming events, sound/transmission kiosks, and sculptures. Dissemination and emission of sonic material encompass multiple formats including; live radio transmission, mp3 download sites, CD’s, posters, records, and cassette formats. Utilizing both analogue and digital source material and processing techniques, DSE processes sampled material and data emphasizing an attack on the structural authority of intelligibility, in language and sonic/spatial orientation. Focusing on the decay and mutability of signal, DSE performs both improvisational and composed events and works. Schafer has recently performed at L.A.C.E. in Los Angeles, CA, and Roulette, in Brooklyn, NY. Between 2009-2011, Schafer was with the noise collective MDSE and performed at venues in and around NY. David Schafer is currently living and working in LA.

At MATÉ_series number 3 Alfredo will premiere his latest work Death to the Infidels: an electro-acoustic composition comprising the recording and treatment of electric and classical guitars, voice, suspended cymbal, synthesizers, and tabletop electronics. Death to the Infidels will also feature live amplified vocals by Alfredo, expressed through a large heavy-duty garbage plastic bag containing stereo speakers, miscellaneous metallic objects, and contact mics.

Alfredo Marin is a music/sound artist currently living and working in New York City. The vocabulary of Alfredo’s work is a synthesis of melodic and harmonic moments, concrete recorded sounds, and abstract electronic sound coupled with the possibilities inherent in the theatrical aspects of sound production through loudspeakers and performance.

At MATÉ_series number 3 Bob will present an improvised piece for slack-assed hollow body guitar, loose timpani drum head, loose snare wire, snare drum, electronics, software, and amplifiers

Bob Bellerue is a noise composer, experimental musician, and creative technician based in Brooklyn NY. Over the last 20+ years he has been involved in a wide range of creative activities – homemade percussion ensembles, Balinese gamelan, dance/performance art sound scores, and installation art. Bob’s work utilizes custom electronics and programming, incorporating feedback, prepared field recordings, de-musicalized instruments, and found oscillators. He is in the midst of long-term collaborations with the choreographer Wanda Z Gala, and gigs regularly as a solo artist, in KILT (with Raven Chacon and Sandor Finta), and in collaboration with some of the heavyweights of the universal experimental music scene (Z’EV, Telecult Powers, Francisco Meirino, and Circuit Wound among others). Bob’s work has been presented at the Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, New Genre Festival, CEAIT Festival, Issue Project Room, Diapason Sound Gallery, Roulette, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver Noise Festival, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, PDX Noise Festival, Radio Epsilonia (Paris), WFMU, WKCR, WNYC, KFJC, KXLU, East Village Radio, Stanford University, The New School , UCSD, and UCLA. His discography includes dozens of releases on Anarchymoon Recordings, Zelphabet, Banned Productions, P-Tapes, RRR Records, Static Aktion, EMR, Iatrogenesis, Bastardised, Peyote Tapes, Together Tapes, Breathmint, Feathering Pines, Baked Tapes, Abandon Ship, 3rd Sex, and Important Records. He curates and produces noise and experimental music events on a regular basis, including the Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation. He was formerly based in Los Angeles, where he ran the sub-garde experimental music/performance space the Il Corral, and curated the Beyond Music series and festival. As a theater technician, he has designed lights and sound for dozens of theater and dance performances. Bob lives in Bushwick NY and runs the boutique noise labels Anarchymoon Recordings and Sleepy Hollow Editions. www.