SATURDAY JUNE 30 / 7.30PM / MATE is a series dedicated to sound and moving image presentations that are derived from ideas, processes, material, and media experimentation. This series attempts to present from within a large spectrum of today’s experimentalists, the work of artists that are vigorously contributing to our cultural landscape. These sound and moving image performances can be expected to range from algorithmic media and technology oriented gizmos to the wide range of analog media while engaging in approaches such as improvisation, composition, performance-installation, and interdisciplinary methods and techniques that expand on both artistic practice and audience reception. Each evening will be be orchestrated around a specific focus.

MATE_series is organized by Richard Garet

Set 1: Thomas Dexter [bio]

Set 2: Melissa Clarke [bio]

Set 3: CHIKA and Chris DeLaurenti [bio]

Mate is a typical caffeinated drink from the South of Latin America, similar to tea or coffee, that is mainly consumed in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Richard Garet was born and raised in Uruguay where drinking mate was as normal as drinking water. After leaving Uruguay at 13 years old mate’s taste and the experience of it became a vague memory until recently when he went back to Uruguay after 20 years. Since being back in the United States he has been drinking mate consistently and attempting to share mate with friends and folks here in NYC but not everyone seems to enjoy its flavors and people often dislike the fact that mate when shared socially means drinking from the same bombilla (metal straw) subsequently sharing germs and challenging personal boundaries. In keeping with this concept Garet decided to name the series as such since he realized that such an experience in NYC is equally experimental and can be challenging to one’s taste, senses, reception, and social space.