by Richard Garet and Asher Thal-Nir.

The imagery  of  Melting Ground consists of an uninterrupted single handheld take, while flying in  a  helicopter over Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska in August  2005. Garet submitted the footage to  rigorous processes of digital manipulation, altering the takes natural condition, light, motion, rhythm, and duration. The audio was specifically composed for the imagery. Asher’s sonic construction  commenced by making recordings with microphones placed inside the body of a piano, very close to the hammers, and emphasizing not only the tactile qualities of the instrument, but also the timber and  sensorial richness of its sound. Additionally, Asher focused on layering and synchronizingloops of the piano’s sounds to create irregular structures in which new melodic phrases would arise through chance.

Contour Editions is pleased to present the new collaborative work of Richard Garet + Asher Thal-Nir, Melting Ground. This audiovisual release is the latest development of the labelʼs effort to present works that explore the various possibilities of sound and moving image, while also engaging with studio experimentation, materiality, processes, and diverse techniques to treat the material. The labelʼs objective is to reach spectators on a personalized level while facilitating the independent distribution of sound and visual artistʼs work that are often hard to experience within the local community or the cultural landscape of the world at large.

press release melting_ground