SEASON 5 – FALL – WINTER 2013 / Since we opened in 2009, The Invisible Dog has been the home of hundreds of performances, events and exhibitions. As each one ends, they become installed in the permanent collection of memories at The Invisible Dog. These memories are the foundation for each upcoming program. This year we will make new memorie with the opening of a brand new exhibition space – The Glass House. With the start of the fall program, we have a chance to make the first memories – the soul – of this new space and to add to the collective history of The Invisible Dog. Every performance, exhibition and event builds on our legacy. As we look to the start of a new season, we embrace our past, and are grateful to have been propelled here, to the start of our 4th year and 5th season, with the inspiring energy of the past

As with all years, this one will be strange and familiar, exciting and humbling, ambitious and accessible.

Join us for the start of a new season of memorable projects.

Opening Season 5, Saturday September 7, from 6 to 10PM

Check out the program here