The Invisible Dog Art Center is thrilled to announce the opening of three solo exhibitions, one group exhibition, and in house artists open studios, all on Saturday March 10th.

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On the ground floor, R Justin Stewart’s sculptural installation Distorting (A Messiah Project 13C). In the garden gallery, Daniel Horowitz’s 365 drawing project. In the third floor gallery, Malcolm Brown’s photo-portraits The Artists of The Invisible Dog. Each of these in-house artists will contribute a piece to a group show Work/Space 2012 also on the third floor, and offer Open Studios on the second floor.

 The whole building will be open for the visitors to come and enjoy the artwork as well as meet its creators.

The show hours and open studios are Saturday March 10th, 1-10pm and Sunday March 11th, from 11am-6pm.

Opening reception on Saturday March 10th from 6 to 10pm

This event is part of The Armory Arts Week

“Each and every one of us grows and evolves according to his or her own tempo. Each and every one of us draws his or her confidence and strength through time. When portraying the 32 artists in residence at The Invisible Dog in their studios, photographer Malcolm Brown captures a specific place in time. All of the artists in residence will participate in open studios from March 10-11, giving the public an opportunity visit their daily work environments. We will open an exhibition of drawings by illustrator Daniel Horowitz. Every day for the past year, Daniel has laid out his thoughts and observations upon canvases of various kinds, and he will be offering the public a total of 365 drawings as a testimony of his time – and, by extension, ours. Finally, as a liberation from space and time, through the intertwined threads of the gigantic spiderweb that will overgrow the main gallery, R. Justin Stewart takes us on a journey to the 13th century in search of a Messiah. For the opening of its new season of exhibitions, The Invisible Dog will become the focal point for these diverging interpretations of time, that we, as contemporaries, embody.”

 Lucien Zayan, Director