We are overjoyed!

Dear Friends,

We have raised $33,259 ($28,729 from Kickstarter & $4,530 through separate donations).

This awe-inspiring outpouring of support has exceeded our goal and our expectations.
A whopping 416 people contributed to our campaign.

This was our first-ever fundraising campaign, and after just three years, we are overwhelmed by your dedication to the Invisible Dog. All of the money raised will go directly to support the artists presented as part of the program of our 4th Season

Our campaign was the first Kickstarter project to raise money for an entire season – not just an individual project.

There really are not good enough words to express our gratitude, so please accept our humble and heartfelt thanks to:

Mac Premo, for the making the beautiful video & for further donating his incredible talent for a reward

The Artists of the Invisible Dog, for being our lifeblood and appearing in the video

Tina Roth Eisenberg, for her constant support and for her kind and generous appearance in the video

Ian Trask, Malcolm Brown, and Steven & William Ladd for donating their time and talent to our rewards

Saul Restaurant & 61 Local for donating their delicious food and beautiful spaces to our rewards

Kendel Ratley & Stephanie Pereira & the fantastic Kickstarter team for all of their advice and support

The 6,000 people who have watched the video

The multitudes who have not donated, but who have sent us beautiful messages of support and shared our campaign with their networks

And most importantly, to our 416 donors who have donated from $1-$4,000 to help us successfully support all of the artists in our fourth season

Thank you all so very much!