For five years, the work of the French Artist Pascal Blondeau established in New York has been devoted to identity and the different conditions that come with it. The double «I» that exists in all of us is fascinating him more and more, looking for an aestetic and beauty beyond perfection which makes losing the human being in a quest for an absolute that he may reach ever, loneliness not assumed that weakens and isolates against a world rich but violent, seeking through a peace and happiness, means too chaotic, leading to a form of madness… as well as that aspect «ugly-beautiful» appearance Soft-Hard Angel-Demon Hot-Cold. For him, the human being is a beautiful monster invader, seducer, devastating, love and hate at once. His work is inspired on these scary aspects which are so passionate subjects. He takes a lot of photo-portraits of real people and portraits display mannequins and mixed thoroughly to obtain a mixture of true-false human being. In July 2009, the series Deneuve and Lady Swing were performed in Bangkok, where he had an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art, he was the cultural season French Artist Invited by the French Embassy. This series was a long process of transformation of the actor-artist Michael Schaowanashai, the exposition was a huge success where numerous ministers were present. He also had some exhibitions at the Museum of contemporary art in Skopje ( Macedonia) at the Museum of Modern Art in Prishtina ( Kosovo) and at the center of Contemporary Art inThessaloniki ( Greece) he was also selected in 2008 by the city of Lyon for the event «Lyon, September of photography» at the Caroline Vachet Gallery. While the exhibition of The Invisible Dog will be taking place, New York, French culturel services in New York will present at their sumptuous exhibition space of the Fifth Avenue, his photographic work : the series of «PORTRAITS». In 2011, his work will be the subject of an exhibition at the Museum of modern art of Copenhague organized by the French Embassy of France in Denmark, under the high patronage of Veronique Bujon Barre, Ambassador of France in Denmark. Then, some exhibitions are planned in Paris and Houston (Texas) under the double exposure of contemporary art organized by UNESCO. His photographic work has been selected to be present in the reception hall. In 2012, he will organize an exhibition in Beijing with the Embassy of France where he will be again the French artist guest of the cultural season. He lives and works in New York.


Pupil, studio assistant, and muse of Salvador Dali in the fifties, central member of Andy Warhol’s Factory in the sixties, Ultra Violet has emerged today as a prominent and established avant garde artist who has exhibited throughout the world. Playfully and intuitively, she uses time and talent to create works that are infused with energy, light, spirituality, symbolism, profundity, global meaning, and humor. Ultra Violet’s paintings, 3-D constructions, mixed-media installations, and drawings reveal a visual universe filled with rainbows, angel, blue skies and white clouds, but they also contain material related to the chaos and destruction that challenges our 21st century world. Above all, this artist seeks to fill the viewer’s eye and mind with light.