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C’est l’histoire d’un Frenchy qui a fait d’un hangar de Brooklyn un centre d’art hors du commun. En 2008, Lucien Zayan, fraichement debarque a New York, tombe sur un ancien entrepot abandonne. A l interieur, des milliers de laisses rigides , censees donner l’impression de promener un animal invisible. Le nom est trouve. Six ans […]


LUCIEN ZAYAN ON THE BIRTH OF THE INVISIBLE DOG ARTS CENTER By Jeremy M. Barker / September 2012 / Original Article http://bit.ly/R1WCm6 “I didn’t know what was this invisible dog,” said Lucien Zayan over the summer, as we sat under the shade of trees in the garden behind the Brooklyn art space of the same […]


  INVISIBLE DOG, OFF LEASH AND REIMAGINED By Melena Ryzik / September 2010 / Original Article http://nyti.ms/rfjCrr A version of this article appeared in print on September 14, 2010, on page C1 of the New York edition. Serendipity can strike at any time. In the 1970s a World War II veteran named George Zorbas took […]


Love and Real Estate: “What Is the Where?” at The Invisible Dog         By Lili Blau / November 2010 / Original article http://huff.to/cAR8z7 Location, location, location! It’s a real estate mantra, but it’s also the heart of an up-and-coming art world love affair, a show resulting from a ménage-à-trois among three curators and a building. The […]


OUR LOCAL, INTERNATIONAL, NOT-SO-INVISIBLE GALLERY By Lisa Collins / March 2011 / Original Article http://bit.ly/qlN4qa Our Local, International, Not-So-Invisible Gallery  I’m in a dark wooden room thick with fog and the sweet scent of fog machines. The fog is disorienting. In front of me is a shiny, translucent mother-of-pearl-like sculpture of a naked man, towering, […]


ROBERT DESNOS’ GIANT ANT IS THE OF HEART OF A NEW YORK MIRACLE French artist Xavier Roux created a 59 by 3 foot bug By Sylvain Cypel, Correspondent in New York/ February 2010 / Original Article : non available on line / Of course there is still a lot of work, but the whole thing […]