Pit Bull Flower Power is a series of shelter pit bulls wearing flower crowns, by award-winning photographer and animal advocate Sophie Gamand. This will be Sophie’s third time exhibiting at The Invisible Dog, but her first time showing in the main space. During the week, she will host a book release + signing party (Saturday, October 20) for her much-anticipated Pit Bull Flower Power coffee table book, which she successfully funded via Kickstarter (tripling her initial goal!).

For the past decades, pit bulls have been demonized by society. This has sealed the fate of countless dogs who face prejudice, systematic abuse and death in shelters around the world. In America alone, hundreds of thousands of pit bulls are euthanized every year. Sophie travels across the U.S. to photograph shelter pit bulls wearing flower crowns. Her work challenges the way society perceives pit bulls by shortening the emotional distance between the viewer and these misunderstood dogs. The portraits celebrate the life and dignity of these soulful creatures and the stories Sophie gathers are painful reminders that dogs remain at the mercy of humans.

Books and merchandise available for sale onsite.

Dogs are welcome.

Sophie Gamand is a French award-winning photographer and animal advocate based in Brooklyn.

Website: www.sophiegamand.com
Instagram: @SophieGamand
Twitter: @SophieGamand
Facebook:  @SophieGamand

On view in the Main Gallery, October 18–21
Book release party: Saturday, October 20, 6–9pm

Free admission

Gallery hours:
Thursday–Saturday, 1–7pm
Sunday, 1–5pm
Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment only
Closed on Monday