THURSDAY MARCH 15 / EXHIBITION /Updating the contemporary art aesthetic is a struggle for every emerging artist.  How do you modernize the artistic pallet in the age of post, post everything.  The real ground breakers understand this challenge and are making waves in updating and reinventing our cultural ideal of what is “art”.   PULSE is solely showcasing contemporary artists with unique and different ideas.  Ideas that may push buttons, step on toes, and make you question your beliefs.  PULSE is contemporary, PULSE is Now.

Featured artists: Pantelis Klonaris, David Jacobs, Naromi, Rob Campbell, Marc Johnson, Kim Smith, David Ostro, Hee Won Seo and Eun Jung Kim, Miryana Todorova, Brian Whiteley, Matthew Eck, Drew Cronen, Keith Hoffman, Kwan Teck, Peter Nue, Jamie Sneider, So Na Lee, Elan Jurado, Minsoep Yoon, Paul Hunter Speagle.

Curated by Panteleis Klonaris and Brian Andrew Whiteley

on viewing from 1 to 9pm
opening reception 6 to 9pm