FRIDAY APRIL 13 / 7.30PM / SHABBAT DINNER / A multi-course meal plus special cocktail by The Gefilteria in celebration of R. Justin Stewart’s installation, Distorting (a messiah project, 13C). Mamie Kanfer Stewart will lead guests through a lively discussion of art and spirituality. Dinner will take place inside of Distorting (a messiah project, 13C). All ingredients used will be kosher and kosher for passover, but will not be prepared in a heckshered kitchen. Wine served with dinner will also not be heckshered.

The Gefilteria was developed by Liz Alpern, Jackie LIlinshtein and Jeffrey Yoskowitz. It is a boutique producer of traditional Old World foods and a laboratory experimenting with local ingredients and new flavors, reintroducing Gefilte, Kvass, Black & White Cookies and other delicacies to suit a new generation.  Look for us peddling our modern day pushcart through a neighborhood near you.

The Gefilteria produce and sell sustainably sourced, boutique products through home delivery, local food festivals and catered functions.

$35 /reservation at risa [at] theinvisibledog [dot]org

limited seated