APRIL 19 – MAY 11 – EXHIBITION – We all have things we can’t do, but wish we could. We are all constantly failing to be our perfect selves. For her project at the Invisible Dog, artist Shannon Finnegan asked people to identify things they can’t do through an anonymous online form. By pairing each “I can’t” sentence with a matching “I should” sentence, Finnegan points to the way these two feelings interact and lead to one another. For instance, the anonymous submission “I can’t focus” is paired with “I should focus.”

In the Glass House, Finnegan will create an installation that uses these phrases to illustrate attempts at self-improvement. She will hand-paint text directly onto the windows and show a new series of drawings created especially for this exhibition.

Opening reception Saturday April 19th from 6 to 10pm

Same evening please join us for The International Weird Show