Chris Klapper



MARCH 5 – APRIL 24 Installation artist Chris Klapper has partnered with electrical engineer Jen Lusker to create an interactive sculptural light installation. Sunday April 10 – 4pm – Discussion Panel Art & Technology:  How technology is changing art and how we create more info PRANA consists of approximately 2000 hand-cast sphere-like shapes, spanning a […]


Chris Klapper, a New York based installation artist maintains her studio in Brooklyn, New York. She received her BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA.  Her work has been displayed internationally in Italy and domestically in New York, Philadelphia and Boston. She is a director of the Bushwick Art Project (BAP), a multidisciplinary […]


LUCE {0}

The light of day; throw light on the subject; seen in this light; bring to light; see the light; the light of  life—we see the world through light, the figure for our perception. All visual artists are, to some extent, light artists: light is the condition and the medium for vision. In our modern world, […]