Francis Cholle



SUNDAY MARCH 28th 6.30pm Full Moon Vocalise bringing the Lakota Flute tradition to all New Yorkers in a celebration of the Ant  by artist Xavier Roux. Tiokasin Ghosthorse, seventh generation Lakota flute maker will play the flute. Francis Cholle will join him vocally and facilitate the group process. In this simple and profound ritual, called Vocalise, our […]



We would like to thank our generous supporters: Corporate Supporters Guillaume Paturel – By-encore (NY) Chez Joce(F) Otherpress (NY) with the generous support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy & Association Les Amis de Robert Desnos Donors Floanne Ankah, Anne Mourier Attal, Stéphanie Arpage & Guillaume Paturel, Sabine Aslan, Corinne Bal, Philippe Barreaud, […]



  LAST WEEK! The Invisible Dog proudly presents The Ant in the main exhibition hall. Artist Xavier Roux was inspired to create the sixty-foot long sculpture by the poem written by Surrealist Robert Desnos in 1942. This touching piece consists of a giant ant symbolizing the trains transporting Jews and other nazi victims to concentration […]