JANUARY 24 – 26 – 7.30PM – DANCE – THE DAEDALUS EFFECT AND OTHER DILEMMAS by ARTURO VIDICH – Vidich’s The Daedalus Effect and other dilemmas is a piece about work. As the creator and performer, Vidich assumes both the mythical persona of Daedalus, the taciturn engineer who invented the labyrinth, and Icarus, his ill-fated son, as metaphors for perils of the production process. Over forty modular objects and structures, mostly designed and built by Vidich, will populate the ground floor of The Invisible Dog Arts Center and be used as improvisational dance scores. Like booby trap puzzle pieces, idiosyncratic  combinations of these objects will generate physical dilemmas for the performer during each show, and prompt strings of full-body gestures.

Admission $20 – Tickets available at the New York Live Box Office, details here
Friday January 25 – Stay Late Discussion

The Daedalus Effect and other dilemmas is commissioned by New York Live Arts and made possible, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Jerome Foundation. The creation of this work was also supported through a residency partnership with the Museum of Art and Design. Additional support is given by contributors to the Dance Theater Workshop Commissioning Fund at New York Live Arts.