Dear Friends,
For the last two years, we have invited you for dinner one night in December. At this meal, we offer you a moment to gather, share food and drink, and celebrate the transformation of the old year into the new one. It’s one our favorite moments. And it helps us raise some money for the next year’s programming too.
But this year, we’re going to postpone our annual benefit dinner until spring 2017.
Art and education change the world: they empower people to think beyond the sublime and consider HOW we express ourselves and WHICH stories are told and WHERE we experience these stories and from WHOM we hear them.
Today, we know that we need to leverage our time, resources and relationships in the arts to support those who work to expand civil rights, equity and inclusion in all sectors.
You have been extremely generous during our fundraising campaign in November. We hope you can harness that spirit and consider donating to one or several organizations we have listed below. It’s impossible to make an exhaustive list. But here are some we are throwing our weight behind right now:
And! You can still support The Invisible Dog in 2 ways:
  • Make a 100% tax deductible donation online
  • Visit our current exhibition Wonderland, on view through December 30, and buy a piece of art for yourself, your friend, your family, your lover, or your neighbor. A piece of art will remain alive all your life and give you light in the darkness.
We wish you time with the people you love, delicious food to eat, fulfilling cultural experiences, and strength for the New Year.
And remember: take great care of one another.
Happy Holidays!
Lucien Zayan