THURSDAY FEBRUARY 2 / 6.30PM / MUSIC Fortnight Journal 
presents three Fortnight contributors in collaboration. Centered
 around the viol consort of Edition II contributor, Elizabeth
 Weinfield, the night will comprise of several Renaissance pieces,
 poetry, and song.

 Sonnambula will be joined by poet Adam Fitzgerald (Boston Review, the
 Los Angeles Review of Books and The Brooklyn Rail), who will read his
work from Fortnight and project his poetic collage on screen as the
 consort plays. In an exciting collaboration, rock and soul singer Liza 
Colby (Edition III, Fortnight Journal), will sing a Renaissance piece 
with Sonnamubla. In turn, Sonnambula will perform a rendition of her
song “Draw.”

Fortnight Journal is a non-profit project documenting innovative minds
of the millennial generation. Fortnight features 14 contributors each
edition from 14 distinct disciplines, publishing unique work daily.”