“Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring”, an installation by Ryan Frank, portrays a series of figurative sculptures representing one woman’s struggle with how to present her gender and her transformation from femme to butch.  Presented in its NYC debut, is R. Justin Stewart’s “2AM to 2PM”, a 3-D sculptural map of the Minneapolis Bus System. “2AM to 2PM” has previously traveled to the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, MI, the Mesa Art Center in Mesa, AZ and the Gallery of Contemporary Art at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO. Collages by Danielle Durchslag and photographs by Morgan Levy will be the only 2-D, wall-mounted work in the show.  Durchslag’s portraits of infants collaged from different types of paper depict distress in childhood, while Levy’s large-format composite photographs portray the isolation of the wilderness in Iceland.  Kerry Downey’s videos address alienation with dark wit, and Samantha Vernon’s work recalls the disparate influences of Kara Walker and Edward Gorey to create a truly haunting environmental installation about violence, race and psychic trauma.