APRIL 20-24, 26-28, 7.30PM – DANCE – Jen Rosenblit–a choreographer lauded for her “Sly, tender and spatially sophisticated” (The New York Times) performance pieces–returns to Live Arts to present her newest work. Clap Hands is a mating call, a solo for the body that needs bodies. While conceptually a solo, the work will navigate its form through multiple bodies and objects. Each element constantly emerges from itself through a process of self-fertilization without resorting to pattern, ritual or husbandry. Fuchsia felted set pieces install the space, enacting a sort of still life and hailing the functional while demanding flamboyance. Clap Hands asks: Does the establishment of this new “thingness” shift the solo figure out of demand? Is intimacy still located within non-human forms?

Co Presented with New York Live Arts

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