MARCH 9 – MAY 18 – EXHIBITION – THE EXPLODED MIND OF MULHOLLAND HWANG – Aaron Ruff and Oliver Jeffers come together again with this project that involves a fictitious boy and his fascination with battle, with nature’s quest for the domination of the biggest and the best, and show the sensitivities of a young mind exploring the world inside his own head.

Set expanding out from a central point in the space and using both curiosity and humor as major themes, the exploded mind of Mulholland Hwang will feature drawings, paintings, dioramas and other ephemera that ponders competition and natural order by depicting scenes in which animals, not typically thought to be aggressive, do battle.

Opening reception Saturday March 9 – 6 to 10pm
Free Admission

The exhibition is made possible, in part, by our Kickstarter donors
and with special support from Bruno and Emmanuele Vinciguerra

This exhibition is part of Armory Arts Week
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Gallery Hours
Thursday to Saturday – 1pm to 7pm
Sunday – 1pm to 5pm

Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment only
Closed on Monday

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