SUNDAY JANUARY 13 – 3PM – DANCE – READY TO KISS [PRET A BAISER] – OLIVIER DUBOIS – From “The rite of spring”  of Igor Stravinski  with musical arrangements by Francois Caffenne.

« My Muse…
With my mouth, I will carne you
With my kiss, I will satisfy the insatiable and morbid condition of my desire
To possess, emptied of its vitality, to fulfil my abyssal blackness.
To create the eternal from my murderous lips »
Mixed blessing, to water the seed of the artist, to offer one’s body to the solitary wolf.
The first note, this basson… this lamentation of the huntress. This hot and complicity with the muse.
« Where are you ? Here I am. Where are you ? I am behind the woods.»
Under the lights, the Hollywoodian stereotype – glory ; or evident proof of a murder.
Olivier Dubois

Ready to Kiss by Olivier Dubois
Performed by John Hoobyar and Olivier Dubois

free admission / donation suggested with reservation to: lucien[at]theinvisibledog [dot]org

Presented in partnership with Queer New York International Arts Festival

READY TO KISS  is part of French Highlights, a platform featuring the choreographers and directors whose work is making headlines in France today.  Performances, artists’ salons, and networking events, will take place from January 10th to 15th, 2013, in New York City please visit: