The goal is not to simply do a cool project that will get cleaned up by the city or thrown away, but to make something – even something temporary – that will change how a place works and is perceived. And once that change has been made, to figure out how it can be made again or made permanent.

Nate Berg, The Complete Guide to Tactical Urbanism

Dear Supporters, Dear Friends


We could tell you again how overwhelmed we are by your support, how excited we are to give the money we raised to the artists presented this season, how grateful we are to be part of such an amazing community of donors, artists, and institutional partners. But you know that.

We want to tell you what we learned: when we asked you to help us raise $25,000, each individual donor gave an average of 25% more than last year, and we raised $33,000

You have given us a mandate: you gave more to us because you want us to do more for you.

We promise you, not just more artists, not just more events, but more opportunities to change how the arts, our building, our neighborhood, and all of us together interact to be a permanent home for creativity and culture.

Lucien Zayan, Director & Risa Shoup, Associate Director