Anne Mourier reflects on womanhood through many mirrors.  French-born and Brooklyn-based, her photographs and sculptures give voice to the observations she draws of her experiences as a woman across the changing social landscapes of European propriety and American culture.  Deriving from the traditions of domestic craft, Mourier’s earlier embroideries on fine white cotton, compositions of delicate miniatures encased under glass or wooden shadowboxes, and intimate photographic portraits of personal keepsakes challenge conceptions of prettiness, always subtly suggesting a certain unease beneath the surface.  Her recent work invokes the religious foundations of contemporary feminine stereotypes with interdisciplinary representations of and references to the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene.

Mourier’s work is represented by the Muriel Guépin Gallery in New York City as well as Sohn Fine Art in Lenox, Massachusetts.  Her solo exhibition, Cleaning It Up, in 2013, was the inaugural exhibition at The Glass House @ The Invisible Dog, which she designed.  She has also exhibited solo shows internationally the most recent being Mary’s at CAOS Art Gallery in 2015 during the 2015 Venice Biennale.