Whether I am constructing three-dimensional works out of doll-house-sized objects, taking a “straight” photograph, or patiently gluing beads and glitter onto watercolor paper, I am always thinking about the intimate, the personal and how these notions fit into a larger world we all share.

I search for inspiration in “my stories” because I believe stories are “always the same story.”  Fortuitously “my stories” might echo others and eventually become “our stories” … breaking frontiers of space, time, language.  I believe that once the link is created it leads to healing for all concerned.

InRebirth, I interview women and men about their deepest emotional pain.  In an effort to stay true to their abstract descriptions, I transpose their responses into spatters of bright, atomized inks and paints and accumulations of glitter, beads, nails … Acting as a conduit for the feelings of others and asking questions about what mysteries might lay beneath the world of appearances are also important to me.  I think that there is something about the process of verbalizing pain in an abstract way that is therapeutic on a very deep level.

So often people tell me  “You should work on a larger scale, expand, look further…”

but ultimately, that old adage about the Truth you seek lurking “in your own backyard” makes sense to me.

Why should we go explore the Far Away, the Inaccessible, when the answers we are seeking might reside in our families, our neighbors, and in ourselves?

In am proud of showing my work at The Muriel Guepin Gallery and winning an honorable mention at “Top Emergent Artists contest” (visual Overture, Fall 2011)