( ) by AORTA FILMS{0}

JANUARY 4–6, 2019 – MOVIE

(  ) is an evening-length film created by queer/feminist porn collective AORTA films in collaboration with performance company the A.O. Movement Collective. Verbally pronounced “whole,” this feature length film seeks to explore the incredible potency of queer hedonism, specifically how the authentic performativity of kink and queer porn can evolve trauma into orgasm, and grief into politically radical, transformative, body-based joy. This work aims to negotiate pornographic embodiment as an anti-oppressive, trans-inclusive feminist practice rooted in femme caretaking and risk, and contextualizes itself as a choreographic process.

Over the last few years, the amount of trauma around suicide and loss within the queer community has increased. The question of “how do we keep everyone alive?” seems to be the only thing that feels real.

Experimental pornography is the ideal media for investigating the impulse to push back against the immense ache with extreme joy, hedonism, and pleasure. Cutting through experimental performance’s insularity and entrenchment within systems of white supremacy, pornography is immediate, incendiary: undeniably legible. Like live performance, queer porn powerfully triggers authentic, instantaneous responses which a viewer must rectify with their preexisting selfhood. It kicks hairline fractures into oppressive systems, explicitly centering the humanity of individuals traditionally devalued by capitalism, ableism, racism, and transmisogyny.

(  ) positions itself interstitially, between the margins of experimental live performance, queer/feminist pornography, dancefilm, and community building. The project nurtures parallel processes: ongoing rehearsals with 5 dancers building experimental performance content, and a research group “F*CKLAB” populated by adult performers building a practice of experimental pornographic embodiment. These groups work separately, sharing information and scores, developing distinct, intertwining products.

AORTA films makes experimental queer/feminist cinema for our impending post-human future. Led by creator/director Mahx Capacity, and performer/producers Parts Authority and Ginny Woolf, AORTA films seeks to create ethical, lusty, heartfelt content that disrupts boundaries and glitches desire. Working out of DIY and experimental performance contexts, they are interested in creating content that centers performers across a wide range of bodies, genders, races, and identities. They work collaboratively, prioritizing safe and enthusiastically consensual creative processes, and are obsessed with creating aesthetics and narratives that explode with destabilizing pleasure.

Founded in 2006 by Sarah A.O. Rosner, the A.O. Movement Collective has made a name for themselves as ravenously experimental young makers in NYC’s performance community. The AOMC investigates pomo-humanism via a rigorous love affair with the aesthetics of mess. They are rockstars, researchers, ever-glitching techno-feminists. Their work unpacks the difficult lushness of human being, valuing questions above answers and maximalism above ease. They create work open to the terror of being undeniably new in content, culture, and form.

Websites: www.aortafilms.comwww.theaomc.org
Instagram: @aortafilmswillneverdie@theaomc
Facebook: @AORTAfilms@theAOMC

Friday January 4 – Projection: 9–11pm
Saturday January 5 – Projection: 7–9pm; reception party: 9pm–12am
Sunday January 6 – Projection: 2–4pm and 7–9pm

Director/creator: Mahx Capacity
Filmmaker: Holyrad Studio
Composer: Ashur Rayis
Performers: Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Trouble Clef, The Shape, Special Guest, Shay Knox, Papi Femme, Evie Snax, Alice the Wolf