I always stay in the creative moment and connect my personal points of view to the atmosphere around me. Basically, I express myself using multimedia, such as collage, painting, installation, and photography, and even conceptual writing. I think that there is no limit to the representation of art, whether visible or invisible. The process of beginning to work is according to my improvised inspiration from each media, such as magazine images, people, fashion, colors, etc. Then I form an unconscious map in my senses, and I immediately trust my intuition and insights. This process is also a way of constantly trying to find my inner self. For the most part, I use images of people, which I combine with ready-made objects I have found. These can reflect the relationship between mass media, other people, nature, and my identity. I have felt a great curiosity about people since I was young, because I try to have an understanding of other people that is equal to my understanding of myself. Therefore, the reason why I live and why I work is that I want to make an intersection between other people, art, and myself.